it's time to being, isn't it?
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I’m honestly blown away by the notes on this.
I wanna tuck you into bed after a long day of work and class, and kiss your forehead, and run my fingers through that cute tussled hair. I want to wake you up with breakfast in the mornings, and send you off to an amazing day even though you have class/work. I want to take you on a surprise date, maybe a picnic on the beach, or if it’s rainy I’ll take you to the quaintest little coffee shop I can find. I want to walk down the street and squeeze your hand while its in mine.


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wish i was kissing you instead of thinking about you

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I don’t know if love’s a feeling. Sometimes I think it’s a matter of seeing. Seeing you.

-Emily L., Marguerite Duras (via larmoyante)

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